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Engineer at work This might or might not be a one page site that is merely my profile that describes what I do, who I am and what to expect. This is more about my side projects than anything "personal". I keep to myself online for the most part.

Who Am I?

Krysti, aka Supreme Leader (最高指導者). I'm a coder that develops things from the ground up. I don't build upon much 3rd party libraries or frameworks. I like to keep things efficient and designed for it's specific purpose so things like WordPress development is off the table as it's a rather bloated machine. I built my own CMS 100% in PHP, no supporting framework or anything, the entire core is just a handful of KB's :P. The by-product being I get good reception about how fast my stuff runs under high traffic stress while other sites eat a bullet under similar conditions. I've designed other convenient engines as well to support a person's needs in their own and my development. I've been coding since I was 11 (that'd be 1987) and got into web development around 2002'ish but had little fun HTML pages as early as the dawn of the web. I am a single person coding machine, I do not employ from outside and I spend most of my day (and night) coding. As far as the "10,000 hours at anything will gain you mastery" logic, I've probably lapped it well over 8 times by now. I'm not very by the standard and do things in my own unique way as the standard to me has become largely a mess of libraries... a mess of libraries I'd only find a fraction of it's function actually necessary. My main goal is to deliver a unique experience of community and customizations not found on sites today.

Some EXP Points!

  • PHP5 thru 8, Twig, Hydrahon
  • Microservices/API
  • Been w/ Linux since the beginning, BSD exp too
  • Vanilla JS/jQuery & NodeJS
  • Ground up design for CMS purposes
  • CSS
  • Asynchronous & lazy loading of assets
  • Service Workers
  • IRC Clients & Bots
  • DNSBL, TOR, VPN & Spam blocking
  • Minor in C, PERL and TCL but used to be MAJOR
  • GIMP & Kdenlive Skills
  • Last of a dying breed of keyboard Samurai
  • A shy and reluctant musician!
  • VERY fashionable!
Masked Krysti


WrestlingNewsSource.Com WNS has been ongoing since 2005 (fka and has been the pounding ground for all the new things I test since it will immediately be in front of the general public to beta test it for me! ha. We've gone through 5 iterations of software, all focused on the current trends and devices of the current days of each of those iterations. We were at one point probably one of the last still updating sites handling lower resolution screens before responsive design became a thing. A new WNS will soon be launching that has modern techniques to deliver content and a new rich look, our 6th iteration of the software using a new framework I designed. It's modular, lightweight, and powerful as heck.


NostalgiaFreaks.Com This site is for fun. Mostly written by me but outside contributions are welcome. I talk about my childhood experiences and stuff. It's written under a very convenient engine that allows complete hands-on HTML skills to flourish within it's skeleton. That is where the rest of these sites listed are unique is that the design style is truly in the hands of it's maintainer. This site has a beautiful CRT monitor look and will have customizations to change it to other classic monitor styles (soon).


HumanRaccoon.Com I designed the engine of this site as well. Slightly different from the ones I run for fun on the side as within it's designed to be effortless yet maintain all it's jQuery and CSS effects in combination without the maintainer needing to tweak anything. To accomplish this it uses output buffering and the DOMDocument/DOMXPath to make intelligent decisions about what actions are required for certain functionality such as image loading, meta data and social media cards.


NegativityCulture.Com The darkest of them all. This site also features a CRT monitor look because well, it's pretty rad eh? This is running the same engine as NostalgiaFreaks.Com with some minor added effects like the matrix text shaking and TV blink (all CSS). It's also the home of the return of Warped TV which is a video series that is akin to old VHS mixtapes. NegativityCulture a mix of horror and fun as well as the darkest of takes on modern society as well as observable effects of TV, smartphones and social media on those who participate regularly and the distortion the political world offers in the age of technology.
BANNED! @NegativCulture


Smarkitude.Com The CSS is driving a different effect here but the rest of it remains the same so the maintainers can do their HTML code free of worry of how to perform any PHP, JavaScript or major CSS functionality. The engine makes decisions based on what's inside the HTML with the output buffering and DOM/XPath objects as it allows my code to analyze what decisions THEY made. Every image is lazy loaded as both HumanRaccoon.Com and this are a rather image heavy format even for a site majoring in WebP display (with JPEG fallback). This is the same engine as HumanRaccoon.Com as they are maintained by the same team.

Contact Krysti

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coder [@]
More stuff on the horizon, including a massive video series that requires a lot of time and investment so hopefully I can juggle literally everything. I'll update this as I feel like, it's not meant to be some big deal site or a blog but more of a profile, like a MySpace without visible friend interaction. :P