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Widgetized Websocket IRC Client KrystIRC Client A widget oriented websocket based minimal IRC client w/ IRCv3 CHATHISTORY support written in JavaScript.
Krystibash v0.01 Bash Prompt Emotional rainbowy prompt for all. Randomize or use a preset! This is an upgrade from the original with a lot of extra colour stuff and some GitHub directory awareness to keep you notified if anything needs to be looked after in your project.
Krystizsh v0.01 ZSH Similar to Krystibash but for ZSH. This is a slimmed down 100% vanilla zsh setup. You won't need powerline or oh-my-zsh to look good. It still has the github awareness also.
KrystiKandi Linux Desktop Theme & Icons KrystiKandi ooMox generated theme "KrystiKandi". Only tested for GTK3 so welcome any testers with the other theme options in there.
MusikCube KrystiKandi Theme KrystiKandi This is a MusikCube theme that matches what the KrystiKandi Linux Desktop Theme follows as a colour scheme for this terminal based music player.
Geany Color Scheme Prettification Geany Logo This will add a purple and pink colour scheme to your Geany setup. I code most things in this and I find this code colour coding setup to be most comfortable. This will align with the KrystiKandi theme.
Quick Dotfiles References Github Logo This will be an updating repository and center for some minor dotfiles that you may come across that'll have utility in creating your own KrystiKandi theme.
LS_COLORS Beautification LS_COLORS An LS_COLORS setup that focuses on a pink/purple motif that will fit your KrystiKandi theme setup.
Proper Void Linux Upgrading Void Linux Logo Once you get it, you'll love it. Don't miss a step!
Useful APCu Class for Caching in PHP 7+ PHP Logo Easily implemented APCu based caching of small data, functions and various output.
Using PEAR's DNSBL To Stop Spam & Misbehaving Users PHP Logo IPs that belong to TOR, VPNs and other services often are abused so users can bypass the original bans you set on them some time ago.
Client/Server Node and JavaScript WebSocket example WebSocket Logo Example of how to interact with websockets between the node server and the websocket client on your website with modular expansion.
UDP + IRC Website Echo Bot User Datagram Protocol Pipe UDP port's input to IRC for purposes of debugging, logging and monitoring your network/website status and traffic specifics.
Use IPHub.Info To Scrub VPNs PHP Logo This is something to spin up when you wanna nip in the bud trolls who rely on VPNs to crud up your comment systems or forum messages.
A Very Emotional Bash Prompt Bash Prompt Your prompt has never been happier or sadder.. or mad maybe.
Enjoy BitchX Properly BitchX Scrambled Some simple adjustments can make the experience worth checking out.
Human Readable Printing Of How Long Ago A UNIX Timestamp Was PHP Logo Useful toss in function to compare timestamps in a human readable format. Applications include last login dates, a users comment, etc.
Friendly Ko-fi Widget Ko-fi Ko-fi script and widget will load as the user navigates down the page a bit to target the people who may actually be interested in your content rather than wasting load time on revolving door hits or even not being so in your face about the widget in general.
Lightweight Roughing It On The Web Without A CMS or Database PHP Logo Static pages can max on creativity but you can also have aspects of them that are dynamic using output buffering.
Processing HTML5 Video For Bandwidth Savings Bash Logo Encode video that will run in an HTML 5 video player using low bitrate encodes so you can save some bandwidth and still have a watchable video.
Krystirssi v0.2 - An irssi theme Krystirssi This is my irssi theme. Nothing fancy really but you get a cute statusbar icon spot you can change to anything you like I guess and a lil bit of style.
Building Graphs in PHP with JpGraph PHP Logo If you're needing a robust visual representation or comparison of numbers then JpGraph offers a powerful solution.
Your First GitHub Repository + SSH + Personal Access Token GitHub Logo Looking to start GitHub? This will get you going with a repository using either SSH and/or the personal access token.
Use BIND9 and ditch the hosts file. Home Networking your DNS! BIND9 Logo How to use BIND/DNS to create locally resolvable named computers w/ RDNS. This is handy for big home networks when you've say outgrown your hosts file for much of the same purposes.
Building A Discord Widget With JSON Response Format Discord Logo A simple method to widgetize the Discord Widget JSON response so you can configure and deploy it simply on your pages.
Collapse Unfilled Google AdSense Blocks AdSense Logo One way to watch and collapse unfilled Google AdSense ads.
My Cool-Retro-Term Presets Custom cool-retro-term This is just my presets for cool-retro-term, if you're curious.

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