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Dotfiles updates for KrystiKandi misc. theme setting

Here will be a store of the dotfiles and some explation of what and where for a couple things that won't be full articles. Other things do have articles like the included dotfiles for Geany and Musikcube.
2022-09-04T:00:00:00+00:00 September 04 2022 00:00:00

# What to display
print_info() {
	info title
	info underline
	info "OS" distro
	info "Host" model
	info "Kernel" kernel
	info "Uptime" uptime
	info "Packages" packages
	info "Shell" shell
	info "Resolution" resolution
	info "DE" de
	info "WM" wm
	info "WM Theme" wm_theme
	info "Theme" theme
	info "Icons" icons
	info "Terminal" term
	info "Terminal Font" term_font
	info "CPU" cpu
	info "GPU" gpu
	info "Memory" memory
	info "CPU Usage" cpu_usage
	info "Disk" disk
	info cols
# Text Colors
colors=(201 55 129 200 219)
# Logo Colors
ascii_colors=(92 201)

First we'll go with Neofetch. This has a nice colour scheme to go with KrystiKandi theming. The important references to the ~/.config/neofetch/config.conf file are mentioned in the above paste.
Download Neofetch Config if you want to just replace the entire thing with this new one.
Fully installing the KrystiKandi theme can be achieved by cloning these two repositories below. As mentioned there is much work to be done to have an _entire_ setup. GTK theming covers actually very little and we'll cover more in other articles in an attempt to get more comfortable about EACH section.

Related Projects

KrystiKandi Linux Desktop Theme & Icons KrystiKandi ooMox generated theme "KrystiKandi". Only tested for GTK3 so welcome any testers with the other theme options in there.
MusikCube KrystiKandi Theme KrystiKandi This is a MusikCube theme that matches what the KrystiKandi Linux Desktop Theme follows as a colour scheme for this terminal based music player.
Geany Color Scheme Prettification Geany Logo This will add a purple and pink colour scheme to your Geany setup. I code most things in this and I find this code colour coding setup to be most comfortable. This will align with the KrystiKandi theme.
Quick Dotfiles References Github Logo This will be an updating repository and center for some minor dotfiles that you may come across that'll have utility in creating your own KrystiKandi theme.

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