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Krystibash v0.01 - A Very Colourful Prompt!

Expanding on the "Emotional Bash Prompt" and adding rainbow features and random prompt generation. I also added some GitHub awareness to the prompt so you can see if there is any changes or anything in your repo.

I *SUPER* recommend "BlexMono Nerd Font Text". This will give you the sizing you want on the Glyphs for Nerd Font. It's clear, the glyphs seem to be larger than the rest of the fonts I've tested which is helpful in this thing looking GOOD.

You may see that 'find' complains about no 'printf' and that can be remedied by installing the 'findutils' (GNU find) in your repository. This inclusion speeds up how it counts directories, files and links in each directory than alternatives would by limiting how it prints the results and counts them.
2022-08-14T:00:00:00+00:00 August 14 2022 00:00:00

find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type f -printf x
find: unrecognized: -printf
sudo apk add findutils # Alpine uses Busybox
(1/2) Installing findutils (4.9.0-r0)
(2/2) Installing findutils-doc (4.9.0-r0)
Executing busybox-1.35.0-r17.trigger
find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type f -printf x

The following example would allow you to use GNU 'find' on Alpine Linux. If the current directory had 5 files it would print 5 'x' characters.

git clone ~/krystibash
Clone the git repository as such. Be sure the 'shuf' command is installed on your system.

cd ~/krystibash
. ./ setup blues
. ./ emo on
. ./ save
. ./ bashrc

Navigate to the ~/krystibash directory and pay attention to the fact I am leading these commands with a '.' which is the same as the 'source' command so you could use either one. From there you can see how to setup the 'blues' prompt which uses all of the blue tones from the 256 color palette.
Krystibash setup blue prompt

. ./ help Help (Emotion: off)
Parameters: (Required) [Optional]
. ./ colors
. ./ setup (kandi/mid/fire/lime/purples/reds/greens/browns/yellows/oranges/blues)
. ./ emo (on/off)
. ./ random [num]
. ./ last
. ./ save
. ./ bashrc

. ./ random 5

There are 11 presets in this prompt that you can use which were just the whims I came up with. However, you can also set a random prompt which is hit and miss but check it out anyways. If you generate enough, maybe a REALLY cool one will pop up. I've seen it! You can change how many colours it chooses though by added a number to the random command.
Random prompts

. ./ save
. ./ bashrc
. ./ last

After you setup a prompt you like you can run the 'save' command then the 'bashrc' command so you can have the prompt load next time you open a terminal. After you save a prompt you can still toy around and play and if you want to go back to your OLD prompt just run the 'last' command as shown. If your prompt doesn't show up after restarting your terminal when you used the 'bashrc' command try importing the startup command from ~/.bashrc to ~/.profile

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