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LS_COLORS Beautification

This is an expanded version of LS_COLORS originally picked up from GitHub user 'trapd00r'. Since pretty much across the board I haven't liked the LS_COLORS setup I used this file to fill it out more but also change it up to be a bit more in theme with the rest of the default stuff around this site. I changed MOST of the colours, some are still default from the repository I got it from. Hopefully this is easy enough for ANYBODY to get this done.
2022-08-24T:00:00:00+00:00 August 24 2022 00:00:00

wget -O ~/

Wget this file anywhere you like and make sure you 'source' it in your ~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc or a-like shell startup file. Restart your terminal to see the changes.

sudo xbps-install lsd # Void Linux

If you want to get the full effect of LS_COLORS here I recommend also installing LSDeluxe (lsd). You will get little icons for your files that feed into your LS_COLORS scheme. For Alpine Linux you'll want the Musl binary somewhere in your $PATH or install from Rust's package manager mentioned in these instruction. Alpine since it uses Busybox doesn't have the GNU ls command by default but with LSDeluxe you can beautify that as well by setting up some aliases to replace the 'ls' command with the 'lsd' command.

alias ls='lsd'
alias l='ls -l'
alias la='ls -a'
alias lla='ls -la'
alias lt='ls --tree'

You can put these into your shell startup script like ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc or a-like startup script for your shell.
Krysti's LS_COLORS

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