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Upgrade Void Linux / Void-Packages Properly

Gonna try to put to rest some conflict that some people searching for methods to upgrade both the Void operating system but the git "void-packages" you installed along with it. It seems people have difficulty understanding what steps are absolutely required or not in this process. This intent of these instructions is full access to the repositories and source.
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sudo xbps-install -Suy
sudo xbps-install git xtools

Whether your install is new or not you'll need to update your system ahead of the steps below. You'll need the 'git' AND 'xtools' command and this step is required if you haven't installed it yet.

mkdir -p /new/save/path/to/git/
echo export XBPS_DISTDIR="/new/save/path/to/git/void-packages" >> ~/.bashrc
export XBPS_DISTDIR="/new/save/path/to/git/void-packages"
export GITROOT="/new/save/path/to/git/"

Change your install directory by editing the textbox provided and copy and paste the command into your terminal. You will both enable this environment variable immediately but also add it to your shell startup script (pending you use bash).

git clone
./xbps-src binary-bootstrap
echo XBPS_ALLOW_RESTRICTED=yes >> etc/conf

I seen some people seem unsure what exactly they have to execute from the install directions on their own page (Void packages github) so I'll offer the beginning of the build so you can properly use the repository. If you want full use of your system, this is what you're gonna have to do. The default repositories are fine for a server in most cases but the desktop experience is likely to have you needing to do this anyways.

./xbps-src pkg package_name
sudo xbps-install --repository hostdir/binpkgs package_name

These are well enough explained in the docs but there is a small step i've seen people confuse and this here is exactly how you would want to install something from the git void-packages. The packages you don't find in the normal repository or are more comfortable finding in other distributions of Linux are likely in your void-packages environment.

sudo xbps-install -Suy
git pull --autostash --rebase
cd $(xdistdir)
./xbps-src show-sys-updates
./xbps-src update-sys

Make sure you have upgraded the system fully from xbps-install FIRST, then rebase, then preview the upgrades according to the factoring in of the rebase you just ran, then finally install them as well. The update-sys portion will prompt you for a root password at the end without sudo. With this section done, you do not need to do the first section again. You update just like in these 2nd steps, and you end in update-sys as shown. Refer to these instructions, they are able to be copy and pasted by hovering over each section and clicking 'Copy'. Something of note, that the 'xdistdir' (from xtools package) command is simply a script for what the system sees as your void-packages install. You can just run this to see what your system is thinking when it's referring to your installation.

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